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FUT Speaks Podcast

Oct 9, 2018

 In this episode, I interviewed a featured guest, @badb4lyfe (aspiring FIFA Pro)on

  1. Why FIFA ultimate team is the best game mode? 
  2. How is FUT growing? 
  3. What to expect in FIFA 19?




 Show Notes:

  • The history and growth of FIFA Ultimate Team, 0-17:00.
  • Why Should people be attracted to this game mode? 17:01-22:00
  • What is FUT Champions Weekend League? 22:01-30:21
  • What to expect in FIFA 19? 30:22-42:08




  • This episode was recorded before the release of FIFA 19.
  • Weekend league no longer has knockout rounds.
  • In FIFA 19, it is based on Division Rivals FUT Champs Points.
  • 30 games now(weekend league) in FIFA 19 instead of 40 games in FIFA 18.